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Thursday, July 14, 2011

That Bonehead Dude Named Samson

2/4/11 Judges 13-16; 2 Corinthians 2

S: Judges 16:20b But he didn’t realize that the Lord had left him.

O: Samson was the second last of the judges of Israel – the last judge wasn’t listed in the book of Judges but rather in the book of Samuel – it was Samuel. This was the period of theocracy in Israel – where they didn’t have a king but instead, God would raise up people to lead as necessary.

Throughout the book of Judges, the people of Israel would fall away from Yahweh and then they would be subjugated by other peoples, then they would repent and call out to God and God would send a judge to rescue them.

A: My children love the Fabulous Bentley Brothers song on the Judges (well, they love all the Bentley Brothers songs ) (Youtube) As a result, I have pretty much memorized the names of the judges, and it was interesting these last few days reading Judges again for the first time since I learned this song, because I knew all those names!

The last lines of the song, says “And most famous of them all, that bonehead dude named Samson! He was strong! Until he got a haircut...”

Samson had such an auspicious beginning, with the announcement by the Angel of the Lord to his parents. But in spite of God’s gift of the Holy Spirit and anointing, he kept giving in to his lust, chasing after unbelieving women. The first one recorded was the girl from Timnah. Then the prostitute from Gaza. But still Samson didn’t repent. Finally, Delilah of Sorek did him in. God gave him chance after chance, until he finally the Lord left him! And he didn’t realize it!

But even that wasn’t the end. He finally repented after he had been blinded and enslaved, and God allowed him to have one final victory.

My first reaction was, “The Bentley Brothers’ assessment was right! He was a bonehead!” But you know, upon reflection, aren’t I like that? Time and time again, I give in to temptations that I know are wrong. Aren’t I being a bonehead?

Thank God for His forgiveness when I repent! But I must beware that I don’t end up “blinded and enslaved” like “that bonehead dude named Samson.”

P: Father, thank You for forgiving me every time I repent. I pray that I will not test you like Samson did and end up “blinded and enslaved.” In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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