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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ambassadors for Christ

Written on 24/1/11
Exodus 9-11; Luke 24

S: Exodus 9:20 Those officials of Pharaoh who feared the word of the Lord hurried to bring their slaves and their livestock inside.

O: This was in the midst of the 10 plagues God brought upon Egypt to make them let the Israelites go. This was just after Moses and Aaron announced the 7th plague – the plague of hail. Clearly, some Egyptians already believed at this point, so those who believed and took action saved their property. Those who did not believe suffered the loss.

Many Egyptians, in fact, became believers and went with the Israelites when they left Egypt.

A: There are two lessons I take from this: one is that when non-believers follow God’s principles, they will benefit as well. The other is that in all our “fighting” with the world, we must remember that we are ultimately here to be ambassadors for Christ, to shine the light of Christ so that others may, too, come to Him.

P: Lord, help me to be a better witness for you. You know my frustration that I have never had the opportunity to lead someone to Christ except when the person has already gone up for an altar call and I just happened to be the helper. Please keep me from discouragement. Help me to see what I can change in the way I interact with my non-Christian friends to do better in evangelism. I do thank you that I have had a small number of people who emailed me years later that they’ve come to faith and that I had contributed to their journey. I would like to hear from more such people as well.

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