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Friday, August 4, 2017

Study on John 7

1-12 At this point, even Jesus’ brothers didn’t believe in him yet. (Though later, his brother James would become the leader of the church in Jerusalem.

When I read this passage years ago, I thought, “Was Jesus misleading his brothers that he wasn’t going to Jerusalem? Since he went secretly later?” But, as Thomas pointed out earlier in the discussion, it was just a matter of proper timing.

13-31 Jesus’ teaching wasn’t like the regular religious leaders’ teachings. Jesus pointed out the folly of being legalistic about the Sabbath.

“When Jesus said this, the people tried to grab him. But no one was able to even touch him, because the right time for him had not yet come.” This reinforces what Thomas said about timing earlier. God’s ultimately in control.

32-53 Jesus’ teaching was so amazing that even the temple police couldn't make themselves arrest Jesus when the priests told them to. The Jewish leaders couldn’t get over their idea that a prophet cannot come from Galilee.

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