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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Study on John 6

1-15 After Jesus fed the 5000, the people wanted to make him king, so Jesus left and went into the hills alone.

Jesus was focused on his real mission, and did not allow himself to be distracted by the allure of power.

16-21 “Hantu!” “Bukan, Tuhan.” (c/f our discussion on this in Mark.)

22-71 The people were interested in Jesus because of the miracle of the loves & fish. But the physical bread isn’t the important thing -- more important is the spiritual bread of Jesus’ eternal life: “Believe in the one He sent.”

People were offended that we had to eat his body and drink his blood for eternal life. I find it interesting that because of this, many of his followers left and stopped following him (v66) but Jesus didn’t change his teaching for them. Instead, he only affirmed the 12 apostles… even Judas Iscariot.

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