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Friday, August 11, 2017

Study on John 14

14:1-4 Jesus knew great tribulation was coming, so he reassured his disciples that in the end, they had an awesome home in eternity. This is the blessed hope that is why so many martyrs bravely faced torture and death, including every single one of the apostles that he was addressing, except John (and John did suffer torture though he survived and died of old age.)

14:5-14 Jesus is the way. We can believe because of the miracles he did. When we see Jesus, we’ve seen our Father in Heaven. And, somehow, we will perform even greater miracles!

I have seem small miracles (e.g. at the Supernatural Encounter last month), but I honestly can’t say I’ve seen greater miracles. Back when I was under the influence of dispensationalist Christians, they used to weasel out of this by saying that the greater miracle was the spreading of the Gospel.

14:15-31 “If you love me, you will obey my commandments.” Clearly I don’t love Jesus enough! Since I still disobey every so often!

But thank God for the Advocate, indwelling us and leading us.

Satan has no power over Jesus -- similarly, has no power over us -- except what the Father permits.

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