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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Study on John 4

1-42 Jesus and the Samaritan Woman. Jesus transcended his own culture’s restrictions - he was a holy man; she was an immoral woman. He was a Jew, she was a Samaritan (read Ezra/Nehemiah to see how the hatred between the Jews and Samaritans started.)

She tried to divert the conversation from her own sin to general theology. Jesus didn’t rub her face in it, but still steered it back to her personal relationship with God.

As a result, virtually the whole village came to know the Gospel.

The disciples were blind to all these things at first. They didn’t even think of the Samaritans as a people group to reach out to.

What are our own blind spots?

43-54 Galilee. At this point, in contrast to another time, they welcomed Jesus because of what they had seen him do in Jerusalem.

The basiliko in Capernaum’s son was sick, but Jesus didn’t go -- he just told him, “Go home, your son will live” and the man believed, and the son was healed remotely.

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