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Friday, August 12, 2011


12/8/11 Jeremiah 10-12; John 14

S: Jeremiah 10:2 This is what the Lord says:
“Do not act like the other nations,
who try to read their future in the stars.
Do not be afraid of their predictions,
even though other nations are terrified by them.”

O: Jeremiah 10 talks about the foolishness of idols, a topic which I had discussed earlier in the Life Journal for 25 July, Fear Not Idols.

This particular verse talks about trying to predict the future with the stars, however. The stars are just part of God's creation. They do not normally predict the future, though of course God could use a miracle (e.g. the Star of Bethlehem) to indicate something that He is doing.

A: So many Christians fall into the trap of astrology. "Oh, I'm just reading the horoscopes for fun," they say, but then you know that what you read will impact your thinking. It's a short trip from there to superstition and fear.

P: Father, thank You that You hold our lives in Your hands and You care for us. In Jesus, name, Amen.

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