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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Study on Mark 3

My Life Net Group has been doing a study of Mark over WhatsApp, so I've not been doing my SOAP studies, so I thought I'd share what we've discussed so far instead.
1. Healing the man with the withered hand: The Pharisees were more interested in following their legalism than to notice that God had done an amazing miracle in front of their eyes! How could they be so blind? Yet, phariseeism is a danger for us Evangelical Christians as well.

2. Interesting that the unclean spirits cried out “You are the Son of God.” But he sternly ordered them not to make him known. Why? Because it wasn’t his time yet? He didn’t want people to make him a political king?

3. Appointing the apostles: Jesus himself chose Judas, who betrayed him.

4. Even his own family thought that he was crazy. But later they came to faith, and his brother James even became the bishop of Jerusalem. I used to think that it seemed rude of Jesus to ignore his mother and brothers and instead say that those who do the will of God is his family -- but the Jesus film showed how it may not have been like that: it showed him just using the opportunity to make the point, then he got up and went to see them.

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