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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Open invitation


S: Isaiah 45:1-6, 18-24 The Lord said to Cyrus, his chosen one: I have taken hold of your right hand to help you capture nations and remove kings from power. City gates will open for you; not one will stay closed. As I lead you, I will level mountains and break the iron bars on bronze gates of cities. I will give you treasures hidden in dark and secret places. Then you will know that I, the Lord God of Israel, have called you by name. Cyrus, you don't even know me! But I have called you by name and highly honored you because of Israel, my chosen servant. Only I am the Lord! There are no other gods. I have made you strong, though you don't know me. Now everyone from east to west will learn that I am the Lord. No other gods are real.

The Lord alone is God! He created the heavens and made a world where people can live, instead of creating an empty desert. The Lord alone is God; there are no others. The Lord did not speak in a dark secret place or command Jacob's descendants to search for him in vain. The Lord speaks the truth, and this is what he says to every survivor from every nation: “Gather around me! Learn how senseless it is to worship wooden idols or pray to helpless gods. “Why don't you get together and meet me in court? Didn't I tell you long ago what would happen? I am the only God! There are no others. I bring about justice, and have the power to save. “I invite the whole world to turn to me and be saved. I alone am God! No others are real. I have made a solemn promise, one that won't be broken: Everyone will bow down and worship me. They will admit that I alone can bring about justice. Everyone who is angry with me will be terribly ashamed and will turn to me. I, the Lord, will give victory and great honor to the people of Israel.”

O: I am writing this on Easter Weekend. The God of Israel is not only the God of Israel, but rather, the God of the whole world, and He invites everyone -- every tongue, every tribe, every nation -- to come to Him.

He has provided the means for all of us to come to Him -- Jesus Christ, who died on that first Good Friday, to die for us. If you don't know what this means, check out this video by Phil Vischer.

A: If you haven't received God's forgiveness available because of what Jesus did on the cross, what better time than now? Here's how [click here]. If you have, but but find yourself far from God now, what better time than now? If you are walking close to God, this is a great time to celebrate His goodness!

P: Thank you for the cross the mighty cross
That God Himself should die for such as us
And everyday we’re changed into Your image more and more
Yes by the cross we’ve truly been transformed

And we’re so amazed
And we give You praise
That You would save us at such a cost

We’re so amazed
And we give You praise
For the power of the cross!

In Jesus' name, amen!

Note: this is using the SOAP method. For more information, see this page (not written by me.)

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