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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pray for healing AND see doctors


S: Sirach 38:1-14 1Honour the physician because of necessity, and because the Most High created him. 2For all healing is from God, and so he will receive gifts from the King. 3The expertise of the physician will lift up his head, and in the sight of great men, he will be praised. 4The Most High has created medicines from the earth, and a prudent man will not abhor them. 5Was not bitter water made sweet with wood? 6The benefits of these things is recognised by men, and the Most High has given this knowledge to men, so that he may be honoured in his wonders. 7By these things, he will cure or mitigate their suffering, and the pharmacist will make soothing ointments, and he will form healing medicines, and there will be no end to his works. 8For the peace of God is upon the surface of the earth. 9Son, in your infirmity, you should not neglect yourself, but pray to the Lord, and he will cure you. 10Turn away from sin, and direct your hands, and cleanse your heart from every offence. 11Give a sweet offering, and a memorial of fine flour, and fatten your oblation, but also give a place to the physician. 12For the Lord created him. And so, do not let him depart from you, for his works are necessary. 13For there is a time when you may fall into their hands. 14Truly, they will beseech the Lord, so that he may direct their treatments and cures, for the sake of their way of life.

O: This is a passage from the Wisdom of Jesus ben Sirach, which is in the Catholic and Orthodox Bibles but not in the Protestant Bible. [See footnote] However, the Protestant Reformers nonetheless considered these books to be good Christian books, though they did not consider them to be scripture.

This passage shows a good balance between praying for healing and seeing doctors for treatment. The Bible is very clear that God can and does heal miraculously, but it also shows that God doesn't always heal miraculously, but we should use medical knowledge as well, for example, Paul advised Timothy to use wine medicinally because of his weak stomach. [1 Timothy 5:23]

Many people go overboard in one direction or the other -- some saying that there is no longer any possibility for miracles today, while other say that you must never see a doctor for treatment but only rely on "doctor Jesus".

A: We should both pray for healing and get medical help when we need it. If God chooses to heal you miraculously, thank Him. And if He chooses to heal you through a doctor, thank Him as well.

P: Father, thank You that You have given us intelligence to do research and learn how Your world works. Thank You also that You do intervene in our lives and hear our prayers. In Jesus' name, amen.
Footnote: The leaders of the Protestant Reformation rejected these books from the Bible because they are not in the Hebrew Masoretic text preserved by the non-Christian Jews, and Protestants wanted an Old Testament that was not "contaminated" by the Catholic church. The reason they are not in the Masoretic text is because they either were not written in Hebrew or Aramaic or if they were, the Hebrew or Aramaic is lost and we only have the Greek, and the non-Christian Jews were in the process of removing all Greek influence from their scriptures because the New Testament was in Greek and the Christians were using the Greek translation of the Old Testament, the Septuagint, to back up the claims of Christ.

Note: this is using the SOAP method. For more information, see this page (not written by me.)

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