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Saturday, November 10, 2012

God's True Zionism


S: Micah 4:1-2 In the future the Lord’s Temple Mount will be the most important mountain of all; it will be more prominent than other hills. People will stream to it. Many nations will come, saying, “Come on! Let’s go up to the Lord’s mountain, to the temple of Jacob’s God, so he can teach us his commands and we can live by his laws.” For Zion will be the source of instruction; the Lord’s teachings will proceed from Jerusalem.

O: Zionism is a dirty word in my country because to most Malaysians, Zionism means oppression, killing, subjugation of the Palestinians under the harsh boots of the Israelis.

I do not want to get into the political debate here, but just want to point out that the true spiritual Zionism of the Bible that is being fulfilled in Jesus Christ, however, is that all the nations of the world will eventually worship the Lord God Creator of the Universe, whom, during Micah's time, was only known to the rest of the world as the God of Israel.

Hence, we do not in a literal sense “go up to the Lord’s mountain, to the temple of Jacob’s God”, but in a metaphorical sense, we do, because we want Him to teach us His commands and we want to live according to the way He wants.

So, it is in that way that “Zion will be the source of instruction; the Lord’s teachings will proceed from Jerusalem.” -- not military rule or oppression from the Israeli regime, but rather, the loving rule of the Messiah, Jesus, the King of the Jews, who was sent to save the whole world -- all nations.

This is the true Zionism: that we follow the God of Jesus, the Prince of Peace, the One who taught us to love our enemies, and forgiveness, and grace.

A: Therefore, let us daily pray for our nation, and help our nation become more and more conformed to the One who was earlier known only as the God of Israel, but whom we now want to be the God of Malaysia, the God of Indonesia, the God of Singapore, the God of every nation in the world!

People and realms of every tongue
Dwell on His love with sweetest song;
And infant voices shall proclaim
Their early blessings on His Name.

P: Father, may Your kingdom Come, may Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven! Every knee shall bow, every tongue confess! Every nation, every tribe, every tongue! In Jesus' name, amen!
Note: this is using the SOAP method. For more information, see this page (not written by me.)

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